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Crush 600 400 Toni


That feeling you used to have, that you were in love. Nice feeling, when your crush looked at you or smiled. Amazing. Those butterflies in your stomach, the increased heart rate, and everything that came with it. Love, I think it’s a beautiful thing. At least, until I had a daughter who has now also reached the age where she falls in love. Oh my god…


Call me an old fart, but when I was a kid there just weren’t cell phones. And let my daughter have a phone now. A smartphone too. A smartphone with all kinds of apps with which she can app, snap, tap, etc. A phone that has turned out to be a true addiction, because we now have to have that phone almost surgically removed from her claws. And of course she is ‘on’ all day long to answer the messages from her crush as quickly as possible. Because imagine that he has to wait a few minutes for a counter-message. Of course that is not possible, and that is immediately the end of the world.

In my days, I just had to wait to see her again. Or when I received a note from her or a sweet card. It just didn’t work with smoke signals. Now that cell phone rings all day. Beep beep. Ping! Yep, there’s another message. And she is immediately completely taken aback, because if she was doing something, after such a message it seems as if she has to be reset all over again. And if it were to stay with that now, but when she has left for her bed in the evening, that damn phone will also continue.

From crush to crush

My daughter used to switch crushes more easily than a pair of socks. Oddly enough, I hadn’t met a crush yet. Now she’s had the same crush for a while, so maybe this one is here to stay. We’ll see. I think this is also fairly mutual, given the phone that keeps beeping nicely during the night hours, that is, if my daughter hasn’t put the phone on silent very cunningly. What I do have to say is that she doesn’t have the same type every time. She hops from ‘Paul Walker’ type to ‘Ian Somerhalder’ type and from ‘Harry Styles’ type to ‘Tom Holland’ type. There is nothing logically about it.

The crush she’s taking home isn’t going to get it very easily. Daughter is everything to us and gentlemen should handle that with care. So we will of course first check. Think that’s part of it, such a ballot committee aka cross-examination. You’ve been hearing some weird stuff lately, and after all, we want what’s best for our kids, don’t we? I am a proud daddy, just like all other dads should be, who own a daughter. A son is different after all, isn’t it?

From 0 to 100

It’s all happening so fast all of a sudden. From a giggling chicken, who thought kissing was still ‘eeeew’, and certainly didn’t like boys at all, because ‘boys are stupid’, to an adolescent young lady who suddenly comes up with a crush. Of course it is never told directly to me, but always to my wife first, because hey, imagine daddy knows, what then? Then all of a sudden things get serious. The time between the chick and the young female has gone super fast in my opinion. Maybe a little too fast.

I hope her lasting crush is someone I can get along with too. I mean, in the past I’ve talked about my opinion  about the concept of ‘family’, and that I might see it differently than the average person, but such a crush also runs in a family. My family. I will accept my daughter’s choice until there is no other way, and if things are allowed to turn out differently and my daughter is wronged, her crush will be crushed literally and figuratively.

Initiation 600 400 Toni


It’s going wild in Belgium. A student died during an initiation at a student association. That in itself is bad enough, but the punishments handed out to these doctors and engineers of the future are fines of up to four hundred euros and community service, because hey, the dads and moms of these morons have prestige and a very large network, and the deceased was dark-skinned. So that is the difference.


Sanda Dia was a university student in Leuven, Belgium. During his hazing, he was treated more harshly as a colored fellow man (his father is a Senegalese) than the white students. He wanted to join the Reuzegom student association, precisely because the network of the Reuzegommers could help him in his career. It turned out differently; it didn’t help him with a network or friends, but it did help him to the eternal hunting grounds.

Among other things, Sanda had to stand in a pit with ice water, while he had to swallow two live goldfish that he had to vomit up again by drinking fish sauce and fish oil. I don’t know if you’ve ever tasted fish sauce, but that’s bloody salty. All this while urinating all over him. He was also summoned to eat a mouse that had been ground alive. What moron comes up with something like that. Oh, and did I mention that this all took place in December when it was just barely freezing?

When he arrived at the hospital unconscious at the insistence of a medical student, his body temperature was only 27 degrees Celsius. He died there of organ failure and was only twenty years old. The perpetrators, who have already tried to cover their tracks, have now had fines of up to four hundred euros and community service, while Sanda Dia’s parents have been sentenced to life imprisonment when Sanda breathed his last at the hands of these university monsters.

Pure murder

In my eyes, this is murder. Even premeditated. Because they are students, who are supposed to be able to think better than average. But certainly also because of the racist motive. Because that certainly plays a part. Comments such as ‘the Congo is ours’, which refers to the atrocities in Congo, are made by Sanda Dia’s skin color, it could not be otherwise. I don’t understand why such monsters have been sent home by a judge with a few hours of paper punching in some godforsaken park. They should lock them up for life. That might have been a more appropriate punishment. As a judge, I would have liked to have subjected them to such an initiation as they have given Sanda.

But this does not only happen in Belgium. In our own country there have already been several brutal hazing events where things (almost) went wrong with the feuten, as a new student is jokingly called. In 1997 a student died because he got alcohol poisoning after drinking a liter of jenever. He suffocated in his sleep in the bed he got after taking that liter. Some Dutch student associations simply don’t follow suit either. And not just because of the excessive hazing. Just search for the name Vindicat and you will find it automatically.


Reuzegom, now disbanded as a student association, mainly had people among its ranks who came from prosperous families. The parents of these killers are all respected in ‘the world’: lawyers, asset managers, doctors, notaries, and consultants. It is therefore not surprising that the sentences are so low. Even though it is now claimed that it is not murder, nor wrongful death, but an “accident”. In my eyes, for example, a collision is an accident, but this is certainly not. Or Sanda Dia must have stumbled into a pit, which happened to already have cold water in it. Then let’s not talk about what he had to take.

It is therefore not surprising that Belgium explodes ‘a little’. This is not only discriminatory against other classes, but it is also a typical case of class justice. It actually indicates that if you are among the right circles, you can actually do anything that god has forbidden without having to suffer the consequences, and that does not help anyone. And certainly not the Dia family, who have been sentenced to life imprisonment by these student killers

Sanda, Rest in Peace.

Tattoo-taboo 600 400 Toni


My father once told me – after I had expressed my fascination with tattoos – that he did not tolerate tattoos under his roof. And that if I did let it set, he would remove it with a cheese slicer. Typical case of tattoo taboo. Not that I was afraid of the cheese slicer, but out of respect I didn’t get a tattoo until I lived on my own. A Chinese mark on my upper arm. The meaning: inner silence. Now if you told me it’s menu choice 15 from the local Great Wall of China, I’d believe it too.

Opinions divided

A professor claims that a tattoo is a cry for attention. Garbage cake of the highest level. Literal. A tattoo is a body decoration with a personal character, which stems from a rich history. Claiming it’s a cry for attention isn’t an opinion, it’s a statement. I find that very short-sighted. Some find it hideous and others find it beautiful. One person has something placed just because they like it and the other has something placed with an emotional underlying thought or spiritual meaning.

Everyone is born a blank, bare canvas. From the age of eighteen you are expected to be wise enough to choose whether you want to keep that blank canvas natural or whether you want to decorate it. That is your own choice. That choice is determined by your opinion about tattoos, and whether you think it’s worth suffering to adorn your body with a beautiful interplay of lines, with shades of gray or colors. The only tip I can give you from that point on is: think carefully about what you want to have set. Because once it’s on, it’s hard to remove. So: make it count!

Old tattoos

Tattoos are not really a recent thing. Historians discovered that the art of tattooing was already used in Japan around 5000 BC. Several mummies have also been discovered from ancient Egypt, which were provided with tattoos. Even Ötzi, the well-preserved mummy discovered in a glacier in Austria, had dozens of tattoos. In short, tattoos have been around for centuries. So I don’t understand why this rather permanent variant of body decoration is still viewed with suspicion to this day. I don’t understand the tattoo taboo at all.

Because that happens. You will gradually see more and more people with tattoos in the streets, but in some eyes tattoos are still taboo. Tattoo taboo. Tattoos were often attributed to crooks, jailbirds, prostitutes and sailors. And from that you can conclude that having tattoos was a kind of stamp for people of lesser stature. In other words: crooks, a-social people, rabble and other names that you can link to figures of a ‘less environment’. But if even Egyptian princesses and other high places in history had tattoos, this tattoo taboo seems quite unjustified.


Even though the taboo is slowly but surely disappearing, that is certainly not the case yet in the labor market. A tattoo is still a so-called ‘red flag’ for many employers, and a tattooed applicant is less likely to be hired than a blank canvas. It doesn’t say anything at all. A blank canvas can have much more to it than a ‘coloring picture’.

Tattoos have acquired a particularly negative stigma without any foundation. It doesn’t stop me personally from decorating my body with permanent ink, and yet I keep in mind that it won’t be visible when I’m wearing a shirt. So hands, neck, neck and face is off limits.

After all, I want to have as many opportunities as someone who has chosen to remain ‘au naturel’. I don’t want to be rejected because of my choice to decorate my body with something I like. How do you see this? I especially ask this of people who apply and people who hire people. I’m curious what your opinions and especially your findings are. The proposition I want to connect to it is: is someone less capable with, for example, a ‘sleeve’ than with a blank arm? I’m curious about your answers. Please comment below!

Bunker day 600 400 Toni

Bunker day

June 3, 2023. Dutch bunker day. A great opportunity to take a big step back in time and to realize what the times were like, about 80 years ago. Together with my wife and father-in-law I traveled to Hook of Holland, because I knew that there had to be at least 10 to 12 bunkers there anyway. All part of the Atlantikwall. But still we have not seen a bunker from the inside. Actually quite a pity.


There are twelve bunkers in Hoek van Holland. Yet only four were open for viewing. Telecom bunker cocondo has been turned into a holiday accommodation, which makes it logical that you can no longer visit it. But then there are still seven left that you do not open. And that is only in Hook of Holland. A bunker is not something you can often view from the inside, so why these four, and why this choice? I still understand the markostand BPT 14a, because this was the maritime command center of the bunker series in Hook of Holland, but there are still so many bunkers to see inside besides Bunker Bremen, Markostand and Hamburg.

What also surprised me somewhat is the entrance fees that are asked. The wristband you need to buy is €7.50. That in itself is not too bad, but it is expensive if you also want to show your children what traces of the Second World War can still be found. The war we still regularly talk about today, even though this war was almost eighty years ago. I don’t want to come across as a cheap-ass, but I personally think that from an educational point of view, the bunkers should be freely accessible.


Today’s children don’t get that much with what happened in World War II. They might know what’s going on on May 4 and 5, and they might know who Anne Frank was, but then you’re done. For example, they no longer learn what the battle of Arnhem entails, nor do I have the impression that the youth of today know what happened on Omaha Beach in Normandy in the war that no one could win and actually only knew losers.

I actually think the organization could have done a little more with this. While most museums are open and free to enter during museum week, I would have liked it if this were also the case during bunker day. Perhaps with a subsidy from the government, to encourage more people to know what actually happened between 1940 and 1945. The bunkers in our landscape are actually one of the last references to that period. They are the traces of war that everyone should see to realize how many people have given their lives for our freedom.

Bunker day

What also struck me is that it was not entirely clear where to go and what to buy. And with me there are many who apparently didn’t know that either. It is that at one point we wanted to take a look at the Markostand bunker and that we received indications that wristbands were sold on that bunker and that you could also obtain a booklet there so that you knew which bunkers you could visit, because otherwise we would still have been looking for clues there.

I also thought that the website was quite clear either. I think the initiative is great, but there is certainly room for improvement. We did not choose to participate in the bunker day 2023 on site. In our opinion, the bunkers to be visited were a bit too scant and there was too much uncertainty as to which bunkers in the region were still open to visit. So in the end we ate some fries, and we can still say that we bunkered in a certain way…

If the organization would like to exchange ideas with me about how I envision the communication regarding bunker day 2024, I am always open to a brainstorming session.

Inflatulence 600 400 Toni


A word you don’t hear very often. In this case, it is a combination of two words: inflation and flatulence. Inflation means everything is getting more and more expensive and flatulence means you get the shit out of it. Literal. In short: inflatulence means that you get the shit out of the costs that are skyrocketing in our country.

Over the top

In May, inflation rose again by six percent, while the countries around us are already catching up quite a few percent at the same time. And that is not called inflation, I also call that just grab-flation. And not only the supermarkets are raising prices. Oh no. The energy companies, the insurance, but what about the government? They only take the normal citizens now. Citizens who are already not well off, and I see a serious form of inflatulence there: price increases that make you have a typical case of diarrhoea. Let them grab the money of the people who can actually do without it? Seems fair to me…

The consequences of the Corona pandemic and the war in Ukraine are noticeable in the wallet, according to the government. Well no. It is palpable in the wallet that billions are being sent to the wrong causes. I understand that we need to think along about the whole situation in Ukraine, but at the same time our own people are becoming penniless here. And as far as I’m concerned, it could also be quite a bit less: from May 22, 2022, the Netherlands has spent no less than one point six billion on a war, which we actually don’t even have much to do with, apart from the fact that the Netherlands has been financially affected by the sanctions that resulted from that…


What really pisses me off is that more and more so-called crises are being devised to extort more money from citizens. And if it is not about the crises, then it is about the immigrants who cost us about seven point two billion a year. Consider, for example, the excise duties in the Netherlands. Do you have any idea how ridiculously high the excise duties in the Netherlands actually are? I went to get a pack of cigarettes today. Normally that package costs twelve euros and fifty cents. That has already been increased to fifteen euros and they want to go to Australia in the Netherlands, where you will soon have to pay forty euros for your butts. Yes, because it is bad for your health. Well, these excise taxes are not good for health either; you just about get a stroke when you hear these prices. And why tackle the smoker?

Excise duties on liquor have not been increased. While that technically poses more danger than a butt that you smoke. I mean, with a butt behind the wheel or a bottle of whiskey? I already know the outcome of this not too difficult question. Why don’t you just leave the butt affordable and increase the prices of distilled cuttings? Two birds with one stone. And the gasoline? Whoops. From 1 July 2023, the excise duty reduction will expire and we will again pay more than two euros for a liter of petrol or diesel. the inflatulence will not stop.

the Netherlands become too expensive

Life is no longer affordable in the Netherlands. It literally gives you pain in your stomach. Some can no longer pay the bills and lie awake at night because of it. It can lead to serious health consequences. What should we do with the groceries? Maybe we should organize a grocery cruise! With half a tank to Belgium for a nice lunch, then to Luxembourg for cheap petrol or diesel and tobacco (-17%), after which we drive on to Germany for our meat, soft drinks and our alcoholic snacks (-16%), because the Dutch government force us to do this kind of shit.

It is becoming less and less fun to be Dutch in this way. The government pushes us from one crisis to another. In fact, more than 145,000 have migrated in 2021 and more than 152,000 in 2022. According to expectations, the probable number for 2023 is well above 160,000 people fleeing the Netherlands due to, among other things, the rising costs of staying here. Bizarre or not? The ‘advantage’ is that the country will have more room for status holders and Ukrainian immigrants. That again.

We are getting out of the shit into the piss, but it will be a long time before the shit really hits the fence in our country.

Lighter 600 400 Toni


As a Feyenoord supporter, I am already used to some stunts. Whole books have been written about the stunts that hooligans pull and to be honest: they are sometimes quite humorous and daring. I can respect that every now and then. But with those new rules of the KNVB, it is really impossible to mock. A stunt could suddenly cost a club a lot of money. And that didn’t get any better because a lighter ended up on the field.


Afgelopen klassieker, kreeg Davy Klaassen van Ajax een aansteker op zijn -bijna- kale schedel. Dat zal hij wel even gevoeld hebben, want het bloed liep aardig uit zijn hersenpan. Maar er was dan ook geen haar dat de klap echt kon verzachten. Was dit nodig? Zeker niet. Maar is het nodig om daar tot vandaag de dag, een x-aantal weken na het ‘aanstekerincident’, nog steeds over te hebben? Ook zeker niet. En terwijl de godenzonen moord en brand  schreeuwden om wat er was gebeurd, waren ze kennelijk al weer vergeten dat ze dat een aantal jaren eerder zelf ook al eens gedaan hadden, alleen dan bij ‘Berghius’, die toen nog voor Feyenoord speelde. Omdat hij nu voor de club uit Amsterdam speelt, hebben ze daar geen actieve herinneringen meer aan. Dat is duidelijk.

But with the new rules of the KNVB, it will now also cost the clubs quite a bit of money. That was already the case, but if something is crushed on the field now, they will stop the game. That can even be final, and then it has to be replayed without an audience. There are even rumors that when the game is permanently stopped, the points will go to the opposing team of the throwing supporters. In that case, something like this can have a detrimental effect on, for example, a title. With that perhaps participation in an international tournament. In short: a lighter can cost millions.

Use your brain

John the wolf pronounced it very clearly during that match. Use your fucking mind. Something that almost got him reported by the anti-swearing union and the local black stocking church, because he had said god damn it. stop with me. But, the message was there. And I think he was right. Because a lighter on the field is not necessary, and especially not handy, because for your next cigarette you have to beg for a fire. I understand that you might throw something like this on a whim, or because you’re frustrated when your club falls behind, but it doesn’t get you anywhere. On the contrary.

In addition to the sanction that can be imposed by the KNVB and even UEFA, your club, which you have such a love for, will also be put under a magnifying glass. With all possible consequences. Because fines can suddenly be imposed for flares, and yes, even for a playful action with inflatable beach balls and flamingos, fines can suddenly be handed out. Quite a pity, but a reaction to an action. Now there is talk of nets for the stands. And the strike measure also stems from that one lighter. When an Ajax player threw the lighter at ‘Berghius’, apparently there wasn’t much going on, but now it is.


I did come up with a solution for it. Who can kill a number of birds with one stone: For example, we can just keep our things in our pockets. Solution for both the nets, the fines that we will no longer receive, the matches that will no longer be stopped and must be replayed without an audience. If they implement the rules in this way, it could even save points that are not deducted at the end of the season. I say win win.

In addition, I could just imagine that it would be nice to watch a match with Feyenoord in Europe, without clubs looking at the supporters with a suspicious eye, and therefore might decide that the legion is not welcome. is. Another solution would be: all lighters on ‘Berghius’, because then it all seems to be a lot less bad. Equal monks, equal caps. Joking, of course, but this case stinks on all sides. It cannot be the case that only Feyenoord always remains under that magnifying glass.

The guy who was without fire for the rest of the game should have thrown a boomerang. In any case, it did come back.

Children’s day 600 400 Toni

Children’s day

Today, June 1, is Children’s Day. International Children’s Day. Officially it is ‘the day of parents’, because we as parents have to raise the children and prepare them when it comes to the road to adulthood. And the latter, that’s what it’s all about. Every child is born a good person. A baby knows no harm. But how do we, as parents, shape our children into the stars they should become in an increasingly harsh and cruel world?


I have two daughters. One lives with us, and the other with her mother. My eldest daughter is now a legal adult. She is nineteen and ninety-five percent raised by her mother. And we can see the results from a distance. I no longer have contact with my daughter and that is her choice. But that choice comes from upbringing. My youngest lives with us and does not want contact with her mother and sister for the time being. For the sake of history we would rather have written differently.

We, my wife and I, have guided my youngest daughter through her teenage years to this day. She is a nice, spontaneous girl with a nice job and a nice education, where she really enjoys it. Of course she still needs help, and just as we’ve done everything we can to help my oldest daughter, we’re helping her now too. Also with its own manual, which sometimes seems to be written in all languages, except Dutch. And despite her puberty, I can rightly be proud of the young lady. With us it is children’s day as often as possible.


The respect of the children of some parents today seems to be thin. Kids now just have big mouths. And if you say something about that, you can get hit too, if you’re not careful. Children who come to school with a loaded gun. Or like this week, that two mothers at a playground were stabbed several times by a snot boy of 12 with a knife. I ask myself – even today – where did it go wrong? Did you let the toddler bounce off a commode at a young age and did the little one land a bit too hard on the fontanelle or something?

I sometimes hear children yell at their parents and use language, where I just have to hold back so as not to give such a brat an old-fashioned slap on the ear. And I think that’s the crux of the whole story. In the past, I just got a slap in the face, but that’s not allowed anymore. The schools determine the teaching material and are apparently allowed to determine whether or not your children should go to an agency if they think there may be a so-called screw loose somewhere. And politics determines how we can keep our youngsters in line. In short: society determines how today’s youth are brought up, because as parents you just don’t have a shit to tell.

Children’s day

Today is Children’s Day. A day when we have to reflect on the education of our duckweed. Must, because youth is the future. And if we let go of the youth now and leave them to fend for themselves, then the future will not or hardly be good. Because sometimes they think they know how to do it, but that is not the case. Children are children until they are ready to grow up. Not before that. And they will always be your children, so if you take care of them now, it will be one less thing to worry about later.

Your children are your legacy. You leave your children behind in the world when your life is over. It’s the gene pool that you carry on. As a parent, you better ensure that you can proudly entrust them with the future. They know the difference between right and wrong. That they have respect for themselves, but also for each other. And above all, that they know what norms and values are. Please teach them how it should be done so that this generation can be proud of the next generations. Invest today and reap the rewards later, it’s going to be worth it.

Haat en nijd
Hatred and envy 600 400 Toni

Hatred and envy

Social media is a social place where you can meet people digitally and/or virtually. You can look up people from your past, keep up to date with your circle of acquaintances and also, for example, join groups, where you can chat about the common hobby or interest. How nice can that last one be? But what if there is such a sad cunt in between, who sees you as a danger? If such a creature then becomes a custodian, then you have the puppets dancing and there is the possibility of being erased completely from such a group. Motivation? Hatred and envy, and therefore without explanation.

Hatred and envy

Just like in real life, you have those frustrated bitches and jealous souls, who actually have no life outside their TikTok or Facebook account, and want to get their instagram by haphazardly ‘kicking’ people all day, report and block. Then I think you’re pathetic. But if something like this happens without explanation, then something like that can astonish you. It is actually a disguised form of asking for attention, because apparently you actually lead a very sad life, because you apparently don’t get enough attention.

In any case, people who kick you or report you secretly hope that you will ring their doorbell to get your story. A typical case of a disguised form of attention deficit disorder. After all, negative attention is also attention. Then in my opinion you are ripe for an I-love-myself jacket, and you serve to be admitted straight into a closed ward full of other wackos and half-hearted morons. But: we have to deal with it. If you are then flicked off such a page, then apparently it should have been that way. Then the internet gods apparently have a higher digital goal in store for you.

Buddhist perspective

Buddha once said: “If a coat had a thousand pockets, there would always be one pocket you could put something in.” Whether there is a reason for it or not: believe me: there is always a reason. And if there’s no reason, they’ll make one up. Completely unimaginative, because they are often reasons they have to come back from later. Especially if they are a co-administrator of such a group. They must have become so out of pity for their sad existence.

Another Buddhist proverb is ‘to hold on to anger is to take up hot coals to throw at another; you mainly burn yourself.” And so it is. These people, who mainly act out of hatred and envy, eventually run into themselves rather than the person they think they have by throwing you – with or without premeditation – out of such a group. Especially if they have leaked their act to others in advance, with which you have proof that they have not acted out of emotion. Even if they claim it is.

a Sign

For me it is mainly a sign of hatred and envy because you actually show that you are not as successful as you actually wanted to be. And then such an act of desperation is a result of your own half-hearted envy. But: being successful actually means that you have to put your heart and soul into it. That actually also means that you have not been found good enough to be so successful because you are just a lazy fagot, who especially wants to fit in everywhere without wanting to put in too much effort.

Small tip: instead of kicking the successful people out of your pathetic, sad club, you could also ask yourself: what am I doing wrong? And you could ask why others are actually successful, to be able to determine where you have fallen short in order to find out, via a path of self-reflection, where you can still grow. But no. A sad appearance as you are, prefers to kick people out of the group because they have become a danger to you. You will probably never be more successful than this.

Keep reporting and blocking, it saves me time again because I no longer have to respond to groups that I wouldn’t even want to belong to anyway. So you have actually done the banishment a service through your hatred and envy.

Cultured meat 600 400 Toni

Cultured meat

To continue on our government with their anti-nitrogen antics. Because of all the moronic measures, we are getting crazier in this country. We’ve already passed crazy and are now going for the golden straitjacket award. We have grown meat. huh? Didn’t we already do that? In the form of a chicken, a cow or a pig? Um… no.

Cultured meat

According to the ‘industry’, cultured meat should lead to less animal mortality. Handy anticipation because the lobbyists of the greens and the vegan club applaud this initiative. Less animal mortality means fewer animals are needed and that fits perfectly with the plans to tackle the herds that the complete morons of the crazy anti-nitrogen lobby come along with every time. And above all, it would be more animal-friendly. Um… no.

As it turns out, they remove stem cells from a cow and then manipulate them into a growth body. This means that this happens outside the cow. Pretty nice, isn’t it, if you hear it like that? But what those smart guys don’t tell you is that calf serum is needed to grow that cultured meat. To give you a bit of an idea; calf serum is the blood of an unborn calf. They have calculated that for 10 grams of cultured meat, such a sweet little calf must be sacrificed. Very animal friendly.


We humans are omnivores. To survive we need a variety of dairy products, vegetables, fruit, meat and fish. So don’t come with your tofu mess and bean curd shit, because of course we don’t fall for that. Soy? Sure! As in soy sauce, where I marinate my steak tips, along with the most delicious teriyaki marinade. Fuck off with your cubes of soggy junk that you have to fry and that you have to give a supposed feeling of meat. Of course we don’t fall for that.

Fruits and vegetables? Totally fine. A delicious combination with meat. Fish? Delicious. Dairy products? I wouldn’t want to and couldn’t do without it. But that whole cultured meat is really the thing for the extremists who supposedly think it’s so sad for the animals. Hey, fine dude. Enjoy your vegetable stuff, but don’t touch my meat in the meantime! And then you can say that we should go more to that cultured meat, but that’s also sad, isn’t it? Sacrificing such a sweet little calf for 10 grams of cultured meat, which is only one third of the meat that I put on my tenderloin satay.


The so-called vega-shizzle apparently unwittingly joins forces with the mourners of extinction rebellion and the greens of society. Speaking of extinction rebellion: if there is a protest with which you gather your people on the A12, will you take your shit with you before you get arrested? If you leave all that litter you left behind, you’ve pretty much overachieved your goal haven’t you?

Dear anti-meat eaters: I understand that you want to stop eating meat from an emotional point of view. I understand that. Just like I hope you understand why I just keep eating real meat. I don’t think it makes sense at all that all those expensive products with which I still come somewhat close to my varied evening meal, have to be flown all the way from China. What do you think that costs in terms of nitrogen, all that expensive kerosene burned to get your exotic vegetables and tofu and bean curd stuff here?

And to the cultured meat fanatics: before you start thinking about your juicy cultured meat burger, think about those 15 calves that lost their lives for your juicy burger. Enjoy your meal!

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Buzz off 600 400 Toni

Buzz off

The weather is getting nicer again. Pleasant for all of us. Too bad we didn’t really have a winter. The pests that are normally exterminated by the cold, with a hard hand, survive the winter and come back more than once in summers like this, and even worse: more and more of those annoying fucking insects, which really don’t belong here at all . Did I mention that I don’t like insects? (Read: pure justified hatred…) Fly away!

Tiger and yellow fever mosquito

Well, I have to be honest: mosquitoes usually leave me alone. Once in a while I get stung, and that is annoying, because such a bump itches. But if you put something on it, I’ll get rid of it in no time. Unlike my wife. My wife is allergic to mosquitoes and when she gets stung, the stung area swells up quite a bit. Disc formation under a mosquito bite is then no exception and more of a rule. I find mosquitoes mostly deadly annoying. That annoying buzzing around my ears can make me very irritable.

But the tiger and yellow fever mosquito has been present in the Netherlands for several years now. Those aren’t jokes. A sting from the tiger mosquito is not necessarily more annoying than that from a normal mosquito. The only difference is that the normal brown mosquito only bites during dusk and evening and the tiger and yellow fever mosquito also do this during the day. They are smaller than the normal mosquito, and you hardly see them. These mosquito species can also transmit diseases, such as yellow dengue fever, although that hardly ever occurs here. I say buzz off or burn that motherfucker.

Eight legs

The false wolf spider is gaining ground in the Netherlands, and this eight-legged big friend is one that doesn’t lie. You startle yourself blankly when this marches through your living room. The wolf spider is already big, but this one is just a bit more robust. This one is also one to take into account, because this species is not only defensive, but can also launch an attack. If you are bitten by this variant you can get a wasp sting-like reaction, but if you are allergic, this can have consequences.

The redback spider, is a variant of the black widow, and has been spotted a number of times in our country. This is a spider that you have to take seriously into account: It can result in a bite that can even be fatal. The spider is small, has a bright red marking on its back and is quite aggressive. For now it is a rarity that you encounter this spider, but it is gaining ground. Fire it if you come across this one! Burn! Buzz off

Buzz off with your yellow black PJ’s

The last category scares me. If you see me running, you know one of these species is near me. I am quite allergic to wasps. I always carry an EPI pen with me, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Wasp venom also doesn’t break down, so the next sting is a double effect. But now, in addition to the normal – already very annoying – house wasp, you also have two invasive species: the European hornet and the Asian hornet, both of which are gaining enormous ground due to the disappointing winters. In the photo you see the hornet on the left and the lemonade wasp on the right that we know. Quite a difference, isn’t it? BRRRR

The European hornet can be more than twice as large as the normal lemonade wasp. Fortunately, this one is slightly less aggressive than a normal wasp, but if you do get stung, you better see a doctor. Even if you are not allergic. The difference between the European hornet and the Asian variant is that the latter – unlike the European one – does not eat small insects and fruit juices, but feeds on honey bees. The Asian variant is also quite more aggressive, and apparently they practice kung fu or something. I make no difference: I’ll kick them all to death, or like to electrocute them with an electric fly swatter.

Can it please freeze for a week or two next winter? Something of minus twenty degrees Celsius? Thanks in advance. *sigh*