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een hele, hele grote
A very big one 600 400 Toni

A very big one

My wife and I have been working out again since September. Nice to do together, but also nice to get back in shape, because after 25 years of doing nothing, I noticed that my six pack was provided, or rather buried, under a large layer of fat. But I also wanted to start taking supplements again. And what’s best then? A very, very big one

Making choices

Supplements. Okay. But what kind of supplements? What did I want to use it for? And what is my goal? At 20, my goals were quite different than they are now. I don’t have to show off my too-tight shirts like some Schwarzenegger nowadays.

I just want to be fit, and of course I want my old shape back a bit, but my ambition is no longer as exaggerated as it was then. Maybe I should start thinking about protein shakes again. And a pre-workout might also be nice?

The biggest

Soon I came across XXL. And before people think that I am making a game of advertising here, it is not, but I do believe that if you can complain if something is not good, you should also do it if it ís good. And good it is

XXL is a very big one, and really has everything. And what isn’t there yet, is being worked on. Just think of the two twee nieuwe fitmeals they manufactured, or the proteïne iced coffee that was already sold out in no time. Personally I love the mega strong stack and the Turkesterone. I have to order both again because they are almost gone.


XXL started in 2004 under the inspiring leadership of René van der Zel. How I admire this guy. Just remains himself, always with the -now famous- big grin on his face.

But also an entrepreneur who considers his staff very important. And I really really like that! Then you are a very great person in my opinion.

Wh(e)y? Because!  

I now order my stuff from XXL about every two months. Or it will be bought for me. They now know what I like and especially like. I alternate ‘perfect whey protein‘ with ‘whey delicious‘, and I prefer the caramel or the strawberry banana. And they do that quite perfect too, there is a complete arsenal of flavors available for almost all products. Something for everyone.

Rene is busy very occupied. His impressive company in Deurne was already large, but now he is expanding it. And before anyone starts to think that a conservatory is being built: it will a impressive 5600 square meters larger! And he has to, because everything he touches seems to turn to gold.

I’m curious to see where this goes, but one thing’s for sure: I’ll definitely keep using this. Highly recommended!