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water shortage 600 400 Toni

water shortage

In Spain and Italy, they are already suffering from drought at the end of February. While the real heat is yet to come. Even Venice now has its gondolas on dry land. But we also know these periods in the Netherlands. Last summer, farmers were more or less forbidden to spray their fields. Citizens especially did not have to shower for too long, due to a real water shortage. But this could also have been prevented…

Mediterranean climate

For years it has been said that the earth is changing; due to global warming, and its consequences, the earth is responding in its own way again. This is how you see more and more that the weather changes with it. So last summer it got pretty hot in the Netherlands, and we hardly had a real winter.

And at the same time, last year we had a real water problem that caused almost all of Limburg to be under water. Remember when there were cars driving through the streets in the gully area? The Limburgers experienced the power of the water, which rose rapidly due to high water from Germany and extreme rainfall. The damage was enormous.

fix for the water shoratge

What if we skimmed off all the water that exceeds a certain level? Or rather, collection in basins? Can’t we do something about that? Can we then not filter that water to the farmers when there is extreme drought? Then the citizens can just take a shower.

As a citizen you can buy several types of storage tanks, which you can bury in your garden, for example, up to 30,000 liters. But if we’re going to have to deal with this more often, couldn’t the government do something like this on a large scale? Because if we do indeed go to that Mediterranean climate (I don’t mind that at all, wonderful!), then there will no longer be a shortage with the water collected earlier.

Sweet-salt effect

The fresh water shortage also has another effect on the Netherlands. If there is a threat of a freshwater shortage, and the government is not doing anything about it, the salty seawater has free rein and could therefore flow further and further into the Netherlands. And that not only has an effect on nature, but also on our existence.

It relates to nature, to the habitat of many animals that live in and around the water, but it also has an effect on the crops that are grown. How do you think strawberries taste when sprayed with salt water?

Either way, a solution must be found.

A dutch verb says that when the calf has drowned, the well is filled in. But if we wait any longer, that calf in Limburg, for example, will no longer have to go to the well to drown. Then there is much more to fill than just a well.