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geld over de balk
Wasting meaningless money 600 400 Toni

Wasting meaningless money

With the lack of a daily newspaper (do they still exist?), I try to grab my daily news moment by regularly studying NU.nl. And sometimes you come across news what I really don’t want to understand. Similarly yesterday when I read how our cabinet wastes meaningless money and what they are planning now …

The Russians are coming

The whole situation is tense, because all countries have an opinion about it, and all sides are looking at whether all kinds of sanctions can be made up to brake Russia. I say in turn: when we invaded countries with man and power such as Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq, then what are we doing now? We are making funny faces on the safe side of the border. Oh wait. Maybe there is less fuel in Russia than in the Middle East. Logically.

Well … They were already there a year ago, when they walked in Ukraine to make the lives of the Ukrainians a living hell. And before I receive all kinds of opinions that contradict that, I know from a pretty reliable source that it is even worse than we see here in the news.

Standing in the cold

But because of that entire debacle, almost the whole of Europe is in the cold, at least that is what they claim. I believe that this is a reason that has been manufactured, given the energy companies make sufficient profit. Energy is- just like shopping, become an expensive affair and we’re all having less money in our pocket.

Food banks are having a hard time, while one after the other pops out like a mushroom. There is almost no more money for it and we are all affected by a plummeting purchasing power.

wasting meaningless money

Years ago our government said goodbye to just about everything that has to do with Defense. Army bases became houses, tanks were sold en masse, and our soldiers had to shout “Pew-pew” during all exercises and bivouacs, because there was a ammunition scarcity. In short, when we will be at war, we will have a huge problem. Our “opponent” will be laughing their asses off, when a complete company would come out of the trench ‘pew-pewing’. But they just haven’t been thinking this over.

Now, we no longer have tanks. But: Ukraine is going to get 100 Leopard 1 tanks from us. And the joke is: because we don’t have it, we are going to lease them from Germany! You hardly can come up with it. The Netherlands will spend billions on a lease contract for Ukraine while the people in our own country can hardly keep their heads above water …

So shoot such a projectile towards our own Government, then that lease contract has in any case made sense to at least something!

Monopoly 600 400 Toni


I heard two things in the news this week that struck me. We have an energy crisis because we are paying the price for freedom, from which I can conclude that the finger is being pointed at Russia, and I read that there are now 600,000 families living in the Netherlands who can no longer afford the energy bill, and because of the energy suppliers are left out in the cold. It seems that one thing has to do with the other, but I doubt that it really is. Monopoly is played at a high level.

Bag of money or Allowance

Eneco recently came out honestly: in the last months of 2022 they had made a tidy profit of one hundred and seventeen million euros, on the backs of their energy customers. Of course this was accompanied by the well-known hobby horse that they would invest in green energy, such as nuclear reactors, wind farms, solar panels, etc. Probably at their home then, because if this had already happened on a large scale years ago, the energy would not be so expensive now. Because they have done this too little in due course, the well is now filled in and that calf drowned years ago.

But then comes the fun part: it doesn’t really matter, because green electricity is also expensive. It’s not as easy as with the game Monopoly. I sometimes think that the entire Ukraine situation is being used to get the Netherlands off the gas, because that was the aim all along, wasn’t it? It only revolves around one thing, and that is again money.

And they can say that it is invested, but who controls such a thing? You don’t have to worry about Eneco CEO As Tempelman, he can easily pay his energy bill and is well off with an annual income of just under a million euros. He won’t shower cold for a day and he won’t eat a cold evening either.

The Sucker

I have to explain this. We are the suckers with gas. As a non-Groninger, I can hardly imagine what it must be like to feel like you’re living in a gigantic vibrator once in a while, although it seems to be anything but satisfying. If your entire holdings are shaking, then that’s something. Especially when you find out that it turns out to be for nothing.

It is often very difficult to compensate for the damage to the houses, but now the best thing; Belgium pays twice as little as we do, while it is our gas that they use. When I heard that, I felt completely sorry for the people of Groningen: then you just got screwed twice, without a condom, and without kissing.


Due to all the monopolistic relationships within our country, and most likely also outside, the gap between rich and poor is only getting bigger and bigger. We just have to accept it. As with the board game, free parking is unique these days, and if you don’t follow the rules you’ll end up in jail, while the wealthy gorge themselves on the real estate, which they rent out for exorbitant sums. Gosh, how come there are so many shops empty? Because paying the rent on such a property is one thing, but how the hell are you going to heat up a retail property with today’s prices?

The proportions have never been clearer and more and more like Monopoly the board game: the world is flat, and the rich play the game and are always the winners. The only difference is that in this case it concerns the real crackers instead of worthless money in all kinds of different colors.