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Muscle guys and Look-at-me’s 600 400 Toni

Muscle guys and Look-at-me’s

This column is not for the pumped up macho – muscle guys or the look-at-me’s. If you belong to this category, you might find this column confronting. I therefore mainly advise you to choose another column. Is perhaps better for your ego.


I have not been able to do it for years or even have been allowed to work out due to an old injury that has been a pain in the butt for more then once, but last September we were quite stubborn in this and since then we have been at the local gym 3-4 times a week. We love it.

Together we schematically finish the muscle groups for that day, and combine that with a piece of cardio (I have to get rid of that fat belly of mine) combined with some abdominal exercises, which we actually never skip. And I can say, it is starting to pay off after four months.


Because we get to the gym on almost fixed days, you often see the same people, and I have quite a opinion about it. Because just like in the schoolyard, you also have the stereotypes in the gym. I call them the muscle guys and the look-at-me’s.

As if you are going to look at people in the summer in the park. It’s just amusing. Everyone can be exactly the way they want to be and it is certainly not my intention to be judgemental in every which way.

Muscle guys and look-at-me’s

Muscle guys have often been around for a while, and can also be divided into two groups:

  • The sporty muscle guy
  • The attention-seeking muscle guy

The sporty muscle guy actually trains for the sake of training. Looks good, is often also social and friendly, and is there purely for the sport. Occasionally has a nice chat with someone, but just doing the thing he loves.

The attention-seeking muscle guy is one of those pumped up ones, which all the time – also during training – looks out of the corner of its eye to see if people are looking at him. That is often one of those guys who is practicing his pose all the time in the designated mirror. And then I’m not even talking about the selfies they take in that same mirror. It’s almost hilarious.

The look-at-me is a lady who is not really there to do sports at all. These types, have already pulled their far too tight leggings at home, so that the buttocks are well bulged, and are wearing a top that was bought with premeditation, just two sizes too small. These ladies are there purely as a so-called pleasant filler, although that is often quite disappointing. These ladies really want to just stare and stand there making an interesting face, assuming that they are also being watched. They also take selfies, of course, but in the Miley Cyrus-ish way: head tilted, taken from above, tongue sticking out.

If you do belong to the above category: you may have missed a memo, but it is a gym. Because, to pick up a date, there is something called Tinder or Badoo for all I care. Then your followers can also swipe nicely and you no longer have to pull those leggings into your ass so uncomfortably.

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