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Mars en Veus

Mars and Venus

Mars and Venus 600 400 Toni

Everyone knows the saying ‘men are from Mars and women are from Venus’, right? The differences between men and women are of course clearly visible on the outside, but the differences are also quite large in terms of the inside.

The differences

As I wrote before in a column, I like to be inspired by news items, but I also often browse YouTube, purely for inspiration, looking for a trigger. So now one of Mark Gungor: the nothing box. This one is about how the brains of men and women differ. Very funny, and I’m sure it is super recognizable for everyone.

Men are from Mars. And women of Venus. At least, that’s what the saying goes. You can’t miss the fact that men are different. But at the same time I do think that men and women overlap more and more in a certain way. Men are no longer those cavemen who dragged their ‘property’ by their hair to their cave.

In fact, the man of today is turning into a bit of a sissy. The metro man. The metro man is no longer inferior to a woman these days. They spend at least the same amount of time in the bathroom, and suddenly they want to talk about their feelings. Do you find it strange that women are looking for a tough type of guy…

Mars and Venus

A whole mountain of books have been written about how men and women are supposed to differ. The most famous is by John Gray. In it he states that men a.k.a. ‘the Martian’ will do anything to prove themselves and expand their power and skills. The inhabitants of Venus appreciate love, communication, beauty and contact. They spend a lot of time supporting, helping and nurturing each other.

I once worked in a restaurant where only ten percent men worked. Then you will soon be disappointed. Women are more often envious, jealous and can sometimes be real bitches. So actually contrary to what John Gray tells in his book.

Planets short

But is there actually a separate planet for gays? And for lesbians? And what about all those different types of genders? There have been quite a few lately. If they all get their own planet, then the Milky Way will be quite busy later. And if you’re gender neutral, are you some kind of planet-hopper or something?

Jupiter seems to be still free… We can already ask John Gray to rewrite his book. I’m already curious about its title! Maybe we should put each other less into boxes and learn to accept and, above all, appreciate each other more. Men cannot live without women and vice versa. And if you like women as a woman, or like men as a man, or both: great!

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