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Crush 600 400 Toni

That feeling you used to have, that you were in love. Nice feeling, when your crush looked at you or smiled. Amazing. Those butterflies in your stomach, the increased heart rate, and everything that came…

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Initiation 600 400 Toni

It’s going wild in Belgium. A student died during an initiation at a student association. That in itself is bad enough, but the punishments handed out to these doctors and engineers of the future are…

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Tattoo-taboo 600 400 Toni

My father once told me – after I had expressed my fascination with tattoos – that he did not tolerate tattoos under his roof. And that if I did let it set, he would remove…

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Bunker day

Bunker day 600 400 Toni

June 3, 2023. Dutch bunker day. A great opportunity to take a big step back in time and to realize what the times were like, about 80 years ago. Together with my wife and father-in-law…

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Inflatulence 600 400 Toni

A word you don’t hear very often. In this case, it is a combination of two words: inflation and flatulence. Inflation means everything is getting more and more expensive and flatulence means you get the…

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Lighter 600 400 Toni

As a Feyenoord supporter, I am already used to some stunts. Whole books have been written about the stunts that hooligans pull and to be honest: they are sometimes quite humorous and daring. I can…

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Children’s day

Children’s day 600 400 Toni

Today, June 1, is Children’s Day. International Children’s Day. Officially it is ‘the day of parents’, because we as parents have to raise the children and prepare them when it comes to the road to…

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Haat en nijd

Hatred and envy

Hatred and envy 600 400 Toni

Social media is a social place where you can meet people digitally and/or virtually. You can look up people from your past, keep up to date with your circle of acquaintances and also, for example,…

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Cultured meat

Cultured meat 600 400 Toni

To continue on our government with their anti-nitrogen antics. Because of all the moronic measures, we are getting crazier in this country. We’ve already passed crazy and are now going for the golden straitjacket award.…

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